Grand Prize Offer Terms and Conditions

Pro Pick'em is pleased to announce our annual grand prize offer of $100 to the winner of this years public pick'em and sportsbook leagues. To win all you have to do is create a Pro Pick'em account, join the public group(s), pick who you think will win each pro football game in the pick'em league, and/or earn the most points by the end of the season in the sportsbook league. At the end of the season all correct picks/points will be tallied and whoever has the most correct picks/points will win $100. Each league is separate, so you have a chance at winning $200 total.
(Click here for a complete list of game rules)

Cost To Play

FREE - There is no cost to play. We will not ask for credit card information, banking information, or any other form of payment information. The only cost to you is the time you spend researching and making your picks.

Required Personal Information

Normally Pro Pick'em does not require personal information to sign up and play, however, in order for us to send you a check we will require your real first and last name, mailing address, and phone number. In the event that you win, a check made out to you, will be mailed to the mailing address that you provide. Your phone number is required in case there are any issues mailing out your check and we need to contact you directly. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn how we handle personal information. Should you decide that you do not want to disclose personal information but you still want to compete in this years public group you will have the option to opt out of the Grand Prize offer. If you opt out and win, the Grand Prize will go to the next person with the highest number of correct picks who did not opt out. Please Note: if you opt out you will not have the opportunity to change your mind and you will wave any right to winning the Grand Prize.

Don't Give Up

Many times players can find themselves falling behind in their picks or just not picking the right teams. If this happens to you, don't give up Play through the season because you just don't know how things will progress. You can also win $10 for each week that you win.
Remember that the only way to win is to play and the only way to guarantee a loss is to stop playing.


In the unlikely event of a tie, tiebreakers will be used to determine the winner. If a tie still occurs after tiebreakers have been applied, the Grand Prize will be divided up between each winner.